Epidemia Designs

Apparel (Activewear)

Marketing & Design Consultation

New York City

2015 - 2016



Brand Guidelines


Epidemia Designs offers athletic apparel and accessories featuring patterns created from biological images.  Through the digital manipulation of micrographs, CT scans, even x-rays, Epidemia creates designs that both look cool and tell the story of the amazing strength and beauty of the human body. 

After successfully funding her start-up on Kickstarter, Epidemia's founder, Lizzie Cochran, hired me to provide consultation and work on the Marketing Plan, Branding and eCommerce Design for the brand. In addition to designing the brand's identity and logo, I advised on the product design from a brand perspective, recommended placement and promotion strategies, and devised the pricing strategy amongst a range of other marketing decisions. I also assisted in bringing new hires into the team and provided wireframes and directives for designing the ecommerce website for the brand.