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Design Brief

Wireframes (pdf)

I designed these wireframes in response to a design challenge by the NYC Data Science Academy. It's for a 2-way system where a student can request to schedule a mock interview and a mentor can approve it. 

Here are the instructions I was given for the task:

Figure 1: Existing system

Design an interview booking interface and workflow

In this task, you will design a meeting booking interface where our students can request and book a mock interview with their mentor.

Background: The system consists of two interfaces facing student and mentor. On the student side, it allows student to put down information about his/herself, the position s/he is applying for, and a calendar where they can select their availability. On the mentor side , the system should be able to show the meeting request ticket from students, student’s information, position’s details (title, company, url....), and a calendar where they can pick a time within student’s availability timeframe. Once the time is confirmed, both sides will receive a confirmation.

Task: Your task is to design a desktop wireframe for the meeting booking interface on the mentor side. Some of the key features are displaying in the demo attached below (Figure 1). We’re looking for an interface that is intuitive and straightforward, involving minimum clicks, while showing complete information as much as possible. It can be one page design showing the main interface or a series of pages showing the entire workflow.